domino miljo


The latest in our long line of elegantly designed and skilfully crafted genuine soapstone stoves. Timeless looks. Sophisticated style. Just a few of the reasons it can take centre stage in any room.

While a genuine soapstone stove means you and your family will enjoy the warmth of a stove that is clean and efficient – or, as we call it in Norway, Hygge – its timeless appearance allows it to belong in any room, no matter what the design is today. Or tomorrow.

domino front

Furthermore, every stove in the Domino family comes with flexible options so that you can choose the size that fits your room and your needs. So when you get yours, remember that the higher the top over the burn chamber, the greater the heat retention.

Just talk to one of our exclusive dealers to find out which size is best for you.


Technical specifications

1/2/3+1 = 1-8 kW
1/2/3+2 = 1-9 kW
1/2/3+3 = 1-10 kW

Vedlengde: 30 cm

Bredde x Dybde alle varianter:
50cm x 35cm

1+2 / 2+1=100cm

Røruttak ved bakuttak: 125mm
Avstand til treverk side/bak: 60/35cm
Skråavstand til treverk: 55cm

Avstand til brannmur side/bak: 30/10cm
Skrå foran: 35cm
Skrå bak: 30cm

Vekt: 205-405kg