Oscar 4

Oscar 4 features a modern design with rounded corners. Large windows on three sides provide a good view of the flames. Oscar is available with eit- her three or four sections. This stove can be placed against a straight wall or in a corner. Choose between black or grey doors and side windows. These models are supplied with soap- stone sides or with windows on one or both sides. A fresh-air duct can be connected to the stove. A standard smoke outlet is at the back, an angled back gives flexibility. Side or top outlets are optional. Design: MNIL Hallvard Jakobsen.

Dati tecnici

Campo di potenza: 5–10 kW
Lunghezza legna: 40 cm
Profondità x Larghezza x Altezza
49 cm x 56 cm x 143 cm
Altezza del centro fumi con uscita posteriore: 128.3 cm
Distanza da parete infiammabili lato/posteriore: *70–35 cm
Distanza da parete incombustibili lato/ posteriore: *20–10 cm
Peso: 470 kg

*Modello con vetri laterali-modello con lati in pietra ollare